Timothy Boos, President

Mr. Boos is President and Founder of Boos Resource & Technology Group and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Blue Flame Crew, LLC. and IngenAE, LLC., where he offers strategic and operational leadership for environmental consulting, engineering and construction management projects. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, Mr. Boos continues to empower and lead companies to offer expert architectural, engineering and environmental services for a diverse portfolio of clients.


Wayne Koch, Vice President | Registered Architect

Wayne has over forty years of experience and serves as a Vice President and Registered Architect. Wayne is involved with team management of numerous multi-disciplined projects which evolve from initial zoning review to property investigation for potential development, including facility and site design, and consulting services through the construction observation phase of the project to client's occupancy. As a trusted adviser his responsibilities are typically comprised of acting as the client's ambassador and liaison between legal counsel, property owners, municipalities, permitting agencies, developers, realtors, contractors, surveyors, geologists, environmentalists, and other design professionals.


Brian J. Horvath, Vice President | Registered Engineer

Brian has over twenty years of progressive technical and managerial experience in environmental and civil engineering and is well-versed with regulations and guidelines in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky and additional states. Fields of expertise include landfill design, solid waste transfer station design, environmental compliance tracking and reporting, environmental construction management and construction quality assurance (CQA), specification writing, and design of storm water management systems.


Edward A. Shepard, Jr., Vice President | Registered Engineer

Edward serves as a Vice President and Registered Engineer. Ed is responsible for permitting design, permit modifications, construction activities, monitoring activities for solid waste landfills, transfer stations, compost facilities and recycling facilities.


Bryan Glendening, Senior Project Scientist

Bryan has over twenty years of experience and serves as Senior Project Scientist for a number of projects including private ventures in the Midwest as well as those directly involved with the Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Environmental Management, and the Environmental Protection Agencies. His responsibilities involve information gathering, data reduction, report preparation, and recommendation development pertaining to the performance of remedial soil and groundwater investigations, Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Subsurface Investigations, Baseline Environmental Assessments, Site Remediation Programs, and Property Transfers.


Donald Scheulen, Senior Engineering Technician

Donald serves as a Senior Engineering Technician. Donald performs a wide range of project tasks including gas probe monitoring, gas extraction well field management and surface emission monitoring. He develops reports for submittal to agencies documenting the field activities. Donald is responsible for construction quality assurance on landfill liners, gas collection systems and transfer stations.


Collin Carson, Director of Surveying

Collin has over twenty years of proven expertise in Land Surveying and Construction Management and has demonstrated excellence to his clients in both field and office techniques throughout Illinois and Missouri and oversees staffing as well as management for land surveying operations for IngenAE. He also oversees data collection and review of land surveying related projects for landfill, environmental, and civil needs at IngenAE.