Feb 12, 2017 in IngenAE News


IngenAE, LLC, Awarded Retail Store Remodels and Expansions Across Three States.

IngenAE LLC, was selected for site redevelopment activities for a chain of retail stores across three (3) states. These redevelopment activities include building expansion and renovating both the interior and exterior elements of the exiting facility.

Site civil engineering services include site plan preparation, civil engineering design and construction documents in accordance with the applicable local and state codes. These documents include the redesign and re-grading of the existing parking/drive aisles, redesign of the existing storm-water and sanitary conveyance systems, and design and grading of the proposed landscaped areas.

Site architectural design services include assessment of the existing and proposed renovation plans. Architectural services also include the preparation of demolition plans, plumbing plans, HVAC plans, and electrical plans in accordance with the applicable local and state codes.

Environmental services include the performance of Phase II Site Investigations/Remedial Activities, NESHAP Asbestos Inspections, Geotechnical Soil Investigations and reporting when necessary at each of the retail store locations.