Apr 27, 2017 in IngenAE News


Landfill Gas Collection System Extension Completed for Indiana Landfill.

IngenAE LLC, provided design and construction oversight for the completion of an extension of an exiting landfill gas collection system at an Indiana landfill.  The newly installed landfill gas collection wells were fitted with either a thirty-six inch diameter HDPE caisson for future expansion or a traditional wellhead. After installation the landfill gas collection wells were connected to the existing landfill gas collection system. The primary objective of the landfill gas collection system extension design was to eliminate odors, surface emissions, and off-site gas migration from the existing waste disposal area. In addition the landfill gas collection system can potentially provide landfill gas as a fuel to a proposed energy recovery facility. Blue Flame Crew a Boos Resource and Technology Group company was selected for the landfill gas collection system installation.