Environmental Consulting includes a broad range of service areas. Environmental compliance and due diligence are one form of environmental consulting that ensure property owners and tenants operate in a manner that is safe for the living environment within environmental regulations of the appropriate governing body. Another form of environmental consulting is providing environmental site assessments in order to develop an understanding of the environmental condition of a property. The site assessments can be completed through research of current and historical uses of a property and by the collection of samples for analytical testing. The IngenAE environmental staff works closely with our clientele to accomplish a cost effective solution to all their environmental needs within the boundaries of the current environmental laws and regulations of the appropriate governing body.

Additional services and expertise include but are not limited to:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
Due Care Compliance
Site Remediation Program (SRP)
Sub-Slab Vapor Sampling
Risk Based Corrective Action
Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEA)

Asbestos Inspections
Groundwater Monitoring
Hydrogeological Investigations
No Further Remediation (NFR)
Soil Gas Sampling
Remedial Investigations/Surveys
Soil/Groundwater Investigations