Architecture is the profession of combining art and science with our built environment for the purpose to serve – stimulate thought, inspiration and value. It is our objective at IngenAE to serve and partner with our clients with mutual respect and trust in order to achieve a collective goal. A goal that embraces all aspects of our surroundings. Our services typically include, but are not limited to schematic design, design development, cost estimating, scheduling, and construction administration. Tailoring the scope of services for each project from conception to occupancy as is necessary to meet the needs of those we serve. The IngenAE staff has played a key role in the design of numerous commercial and retail facilities, noteworthy single family residential homes, multi-family residential design; and historic preservation throughout the country.

Additional services and expertise include but are not limited to:

ADA Compliance Assessments
Commercial/Mercantile Design
Residential Design
Adaptive Reuse
Site Planning
Landscape Design
Expert Witness
Feasibility Studies
Applications/Permitting Client Representation
Zoning Variances and Modifications
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation
Construction Administration
Project Close Out
Building/Site Inspections
Forensic Architecture
Strategic Planning
Master Planning

Architecture services in Illinois is currently offered through IngenAE WK, LLC